Friday, 31 August 2018

Characteristics of stainless steel 216

The properties of stainless steel group can be seen in view of their comparable low carbon steel. In terms of the most common, stainless steel: High speed forging hardening Higher viscosity Hardness and higher reliability Higher hot strength Higher corrosion resistant Toughness at low temperatures better The reaction from the inferior (only austenitic steels) The fact that the right mechanical properties for austenitic steel and can vary quite a lot for their steel and mechanical steel khac.Cac related to the field of application of stainless steel, but also influenced by equipment and processing methods tao.Bang 1 (Part A). Comparative Properties of stainless steel families. See more : Aluminum plate and copper metal (1) - attraction of the magnet to steel. Note, some grades are magnet when Cold worked. (2) - a significant fluctuation between grades within each group, for example, the label can not be part lower corrosion resistance, and when there is a higher Mo will have a higher resistance (3) - Measured by toughness or ductility at near 0 ° C. Austenitic stainless steel keep the viscosity at low temperatures.

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